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Play our stock market simulator game.

Make virtual simulated trades and learn how the U.S. stock market
works—all at no cost.

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TD Bank Virtual Stock Market Game

Our Virtual Stock Market Game can be used both in the classroom to help students learn about the stock market
and personal finance, or individually to practice trading real stocks at real prices, without risking real money.


  • Register your class and generate an account for each student
  • Access the instructor’s user guide for tips on how to best use our game in your classes
  • Get over 40 lesson plans with ideas on how to integrate this simulation with each activity
  • All at no cost to you or your organization


  • Practice trading every U.S. stock with real prices
  • Get started with help from tutorial videos and our user guide
  • See your real-time ranking against your classmates
  • Compare your performance with thousands of other students around the country

Independent investors

  • Play on your own or with friends
  • Get started with help from tutorial videos and our user guide
  • Advanced research tools can help you learn fundamental and technical analysis
  • All at no cost to you

Get ready to start trading right away.

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